Hi there,

Thanks for showing an interest in my work and as you are visiting this page, allow me to introduce myself a bit.

I am Shahid Shaikh from Mumbai, India. I am an Engineer, Published Author, Founder of a couple of products and fitness enthusiasts.

I am core believer of open source and I try to contribute as much as I can. Check out my Github profile to view the source code I have shared for open source community.

I am a published author of three technology books. Links are given below, feel free to check it out as well.

(Ordered by the published date.)

  1. Learning Azure Cosmos DB
  2. Mastering RethinkDB
  3. Sails.js Essentials

Also, I am the founder and author of Codeforgeek Programming tutorial Site which is also a subscription-based service for premium content.

Ok, enough about me. Here is my resume. Feel free to contact me if you find it interesting.

Click here to download my resume.

See you around.