I have worked on range of products from different domains. I have developed a product for telecommunication startup in California as well as Insurance giant in India. Listed below are the products which I own and developed as a side project.

HashMailer – Hashmailer is an email marketing tool for the serious entrepreneurs and small-scale businesses.  We had built it to use it for our marketing purpose but will be released for public soon. Interested? Signup for early member access.

Codeforgeek Pro – Codeforgeeek is a monthly subscription-based platform which provides high quality curated programming tutorials for serious developers and engineers. Check it out here.

Spark – Spark is a content sharing tool designed for WordPress users. It automatically crawls and retrieve the random content from your site and share it across social media. Setup once and revive your old articles automatically. Signup now, it’s free forever!

Node.js News Aggregator – Node.js is one of my core skill set and to be always up to date with the Node.js ecosystem I have build a small tool which extracts top 20 high rated news daily from Hacker news. Check it out and don’t forget to bookmark it for every day news.

These are the products which I own personally. I have worked on ton’s of other projects and products while working for the companies which I cannot share here due to the NDA I signed.