Solving DisplayLink 3.0 Display Driver Dual Monitor Issue

I love using dual monitors. My current setup at work is one laptop and two extra high definition monitor. My laptop provides only one HDMI port and no VGA port. I connect one monitor using HDMI and a second one using USB 3.0 port.

I use DisplayLink USB 3.0 Video adaptor which lets us connect HDMI or DVI port to USB and share the screen.

This is my configuration of DisplayLink.

DisplayLink ADAPTER

Displaylink provides graphic drivers for Mac, Ubuntu and Windows. You can download them here.

I installed in my Ubuntu machine and disabled the secure boot which in turns allows Ubuntu to installed third party vendor drivers.

You need to disable secure boot to install the displaylink drivers in Ubuntu. Learn how to do it here.

The issue

I did everything right and my second monitor was working fine with high definition except there was a glitch after every 30 seconds or so and most of the time random glitch and mouse cursor flickers.

After searching on Google, I figured lots of people were facing this issue. Here is how I solved it.

The issue was with DRM devices that is created by Displaylink dynamically. This was causing issue with driver and existing graphics software.

To solve this, I need to increase the number of DRM devices. Here is how to do it.

Switch to sudo user.

sudo su

And add evdi to startup module so that when system reboots evdi starts as well.

echo evdi >> /etc/modules

Then increase the number of DRM using the following command.

echo "options evdi initial_device_count=2" > /etc/modprobe.d/evdi.conf

You can increase/decrease the number based on your need.

After rebooting the system, glitch was gone and it’s working smooth.

Here is my setup.

Dual monitor Setup Ubuntu

Let me know if it helps you as well.