Announcing My New Book – Learning Cosmos DB

Azure Cosmos DB is a Multi-model database as a service platform by Microsoft.  It’s the superset of Microsoft’s very famous NoSQL database – Document DB.

Around five months ago, I decided to dig more into it and see how it can help developers and companies to reach their goals and I must say I am impressed with their offering.

Cosmos DB offers industry standard software license agreements for the latency and throughput which is the major concern in the database as a service platform.

By seeing these promising features I have decided to write a book on the same and Packt publishing agreed on same as well, so here I am writing a blog post about the announcement of the same.

What this book covers

In this book, we cover the brief introductions to all important concepts of the Azure Cosmos DB such as consistency levels, turnkey distribution system, failover, and security etc and then we jump right into the applied learning of those concepts by building a real-world application.

I am a big believer in practical and applied learning and that is reflected across on all of my books. I cover practical topics such as building some small software which targets specific problems and solving them using the Cosmos DB.

For example, in one of the chapter, I have explained how you can build the advanced email tracking system using Cosmos DB which is a great example to understand the need of NoSQL database along with the real-world application.

Who is the target readers

It’s targeted to the application developers of all experience. It doesn’t matter if you have past experience with NoSQL or multi-model databases.

Also, if you are into Microsoft stack, then I highly recommend it.

Where can I get this

You can download the book directly from the Packt official website or by Amazon.

Final words

I hope you like my work presented in this book. I am always open to critic and feedback and would love if you can provide some feedback on this book. Please reach me via comments or email ( [email protected]).