Month Review: January 2019

A new year and a new month. Started off January of the year 2019 by being as productive as I can.

Work on Codeforgeek

Like I said in my earlier post about goals I wanna achieve in the year 2019, one of them is building Codeforgeek as a platform and I have done tons of work in that part.

In month of January, I published 6 in depth articles of about various topics.

My goal is to publish 10 articles a month by myself and few guest/sponsored posts here and there. On average I wanna make sure I do more than 150 posts this year on Codeforgeek.

Other than posts, I have taken Podcasting seriously and made a purchase of the Mic and other equipment I need to make the podcasts.

Codeforgeek Stats and Earning Report

In the month of January Codeforgeek grabs 150K page views and 1540+ email subscribers.

From various sources Codeforgeek made around 1100 USD in the month of January.

Books I read

I read three books this month, they are as following:

See you next month.

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