Goals for 2019

I posted the review of year 2018 and like I mentioned in the article, it was a year of change. For 2019, I have listed down few goals which I wanna achieve and sharing it here:

  • Building Codeforgeek from Scratch and making it a platform.
  • 50K views per day on Codeforgeek.
  • Starting a podcast.
  • Starting a course of video + text.
  • Publish a paper on Distributed workflow architecture.
  • Starting a weekly newsletter for the developer community.
  • Self publish a book.
  • Bike ride to the destination of more than 1000km.
  • Ladakh bike trip.
  • Visiting Istanbul (Turkey).
  • Visiting Jerusalem (Palestine).

and few more goals but I am not yet comfortable publishing it online 😉 Let’s see how many goals I cross check this year.

Keep hustling.

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