Bike Ride to Malshej Ghat

I visited Malshej ghat on 25th August 2018. I went there by my bike – Royal Enfield 350 classic. It was indeed one of the best motorable rides I have done so far.

In this blog, I just wanted to share a few memories of the ride to Malshej Ghat.

About Malshej Ghat

The “Ghat” actually stands for the mountain pass and Malshej Ghat is located in Western Ghats of Maharashtra – the state of India also known as Sahyadri Ghats.

Malshej Ghat is on the altitude of 700m above the sea level and full of greeneries. It is also home to various animals such as tigers, leopards, peacocks etc.

How to reach

You can reach there by using the train or by road. The nearest stations are Kalyan and from there you need to either book a cab or take a bus.

From Mumbai, it’s about 150 KM.

I visited by bike because I heard about the place from lots of moto-vloggers in India especially Mumbai.

Here is the map, in case you need a reference.

My experience

I left around 8 AM in the morning and met my friend at a discussed location. We had a breakfast and fueled up our bike. It was easy for us to follow the road till Thane as it’s connected by fly-overs.

After Thane, there was a lot of traffic due to Metro construction.  Somehow we passed thane and took a right turn above the thane flyover. From there we reached Bhiwandi.

From Bhiwandi there is one right turn which will take you to Malshej Ghat. On the way at Kalyan we faced very bad roads, it was full of potholes and water logs. It took us almost an hour to just cross 5 KM distance.

After crossing Kalyan, we took a break and had some snacks. That 5 KM was the worst!

After that, National Highway 61 starts which is the main attraction for the trip. Best road, smooth turns, and responsible riders (Not all of them of course). NH 61 is a narrow road with no divider in between, so be alert and sure about the vehicle crossing or overtaking.

After about an hour riding, stopping at various gorgeous places to take pictures and just feel the fresh air, we reached Malshej Ghat. It was full of fog and rain and the view was just breathtaking.

We stayed at Ghat for about an hour and then started descending back from the Ghat. It was easy ride back home.

Picture time

Malshej Ghat
Malshej Ghat
Local cooking hot meals
Mountain ranges of Malshej Ghat
One of the waterfalls in Malshej ghat


If you are planning to visit Malshej ghat by bike in rainy seasons, make sure your tires edge is proper. There are tons of Z turns and in rain roads are just way too dangerous so take extra caution. Also, be waterproof and use good helmet. Ride safe.