Goals for 2019

I posted the review of year 2018 and like I mentioned in the article, it was a year of change. For 2019, I have listed down few goals which I wanna achieve and sharing it here:

  • Building Codeforgeek from Scratch and making it a platform.
  • 50K views per day on Codeforgeek.
  • Starting a podcast.
  • Starting a course of video + text.
  • Publish a paper on Distributed workflow architecture.
  • Starting a weekly newsletter for the developer community.
  • Self publish a book.
  • Bike ride to the destination of more than 1000km.
  • Ladakh bike trip.
  • Visiting Istanbul (Turkey).
  • Visiting Jerusalem (Palestine).

and few more goals but I am not yet comfortable publishing it online 😉 Let’s see how many goals I cross check this year.

Keep hustling.

2018 In Review – Year of Change

This is the first entry of what I hope to be many review posts in the coming year. This year has been a roller coaster. From professional life to personal, things changed a lot. This post aims to document my year and goals and list of new goals for 2019.

Professional life

Day job

My professional life, fortunately, went exactly the way I planned. I wanted to work on product based companies in Mumbai. I left my job at Accion technologies limited as a technology leader and joined Zebpay as Senior Blockchain engineer.

As you all know, 2018 was the year of cryptocurrency and blockchain is the core technology behind it. I am not much interested in the money part but blockchain technology is something which catches my eye. Joining Zebpay gave me access to learn this technology plus I gained experience of handling backend application with millions of users.


I published another book on Cosmos Database by Microsoft Azure. This is my third book in association with Packt. If you haven’t checked it yet, click here to read the sample.


I was planning to start the personal blog for so long and I am so glad I did this in 2018. As for Codeforgeek I have published 17 articles and launched Codeforgeek Pro version which is a membership plan for serious readers and followers.

17 articles is not good, I planned to write one article per week which should sum up to 48 articles a year + guest posts.


We launched Spark in 2017 and received amazing feedback from the users.

This led us to start working on another product which we wanted to use for our own purpose first. Hashmailer meant to the email marketing tool with the business analytics.

We did good work on this and wrote tons of code from scratch. However, we did not meet our deadlines and got stuck in personal life (more about that later). I am a finisher and I don’t leave anything unfinished, I will finish this soon with some iteration.

Personal life

I got married this year and majority of my focus after the first half of 2018 was focused on the marriage which led to delay in some projects and other commitments.


I travelled good amount this year. In January I went to Coorg, a hill station in State of Karnataka In India. It’s a beautiful hill station with amazing waterfalls and tea plants.

I also visited Ahmedabad which in the State of Gujarat in May for business purpose. I had a chance to see riverfront over there.

After May, I got really occupied and did’t visit any other destination, except few bike rides with my friend.

After marriage, I went Himachal (Shimla, Manali, Dharamshala and Chandigarh) and it was the most memorable trip ever. I visited these place back in college with friends and revisiting made it more special.

And in the end of the year, I travelled to Saudi Arabia for a Umrah Pilgrim.


All together 2018 was a year of change for me. I missed few important things but gained tons of experience and can’t wait to progress ahead in 2019.

Solving DisplayLink 3.0 Display Driver Dual Monitor Issue

I love using dual monitors. My current setup at work is one laptop and two extra high definition monitor. My laptop provides only one HDMI port and no VGA port. I connect one monitor using HDMI and a second one using USB 3.0 port.

I use DisplayLink USB 3.0 Video adaptor which lets us connect HDMI or DVI port to USB and share the screen.

This is my configuration of DisplayLink.

DisplayLink ADAPTER

Displaylink provides graphic drivers for Mac, Ubuntu and Windows. You can download them here.

I installed in my Ubuntu machine and disabled the secure boot which in turns allows Ubuntu to installed third party vendor drivers.

You need to disable secure boot to install the displaylink drivers in Ubuntu. Learn how to do it here.

The issue

I did everything right and my second monitor was working fine with high definition except there was a glitch after every 30 seconds or so and most of the time random glitch and mouse cursor flickers.

After searching on Google, I figured lots of people were facing this issue. Here is how I solved it.

The issue was with DRM devices that is created by Displaylink dynamically. This was causing issue with driver and existing graphics software.

To solve this, I need to increase the number of DRM devices. Here is how to do it.

Switch to sudo user.

sudo su

And add evdi to startup module so that when system reboots evdi starts as well.

echo evdi >> /etc/modules

Then increase the number of DRM using the following command.

echo "options evdi initial_device_count=2" > /etc/modprobe.d/evdi.conf

You can increase/decrease the number based on your need.

After rebooting the system, glitch was gone and it’s working smooth.

Here is my setup.

Dual monitor Setup Ubuntu

Let me know if it helps you as well.